Now you can shop online and buy anywhere you want in United States includes eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc.  Shipux Team will keep, ship and taking care of all  your packages while you do your own stuff. As we know because of the weak dollar value and strong competition many products are way less expensive in the USA. In this case many US sellers do not ship directly to international addresses. Ursa Digital & Shipux Team worked hard to find the  better solution for all the international buyers who are out of the country but still wanna get all the advantages from shopping in United States. By using the platform you can give the tasks about your packages add something to one box or put some goods separately, ship it to different addresses so on, control the date of the shipment, easy keep all the information and the details about your packages, use your virtual storage to keep your goods in USA as long as you need it, track the shipment and even more.