Time To Gear Up

OneXelot model “ENIGMA” professional gaming keyboard comes with many different LED color modes! Feel the all unique LED color modes that can be activated by pressing and holding the “FN” key combining with “F1 – F9” keys.

Enjoy the variety of options available for the model “ENIGMA” professional gaming keyboard!


1. 19 Anti-Ghosting Keys: “ENIGMA” the professional gaming keyboard featuring 19 anti-ghosting keys for combined moves and action at a time.

2. Sensitive and Responsive: The keys are incredibly sensitive, its slim keycaps that allow fingers to travel quicker across the keys, and each key press responds with a soft, cushioned touch.

3. Breathing Light: OneXelot LED gaming keyboard with backlight has up to 9 different LED color modes. You can experience each LED color mode by pressing and holding FN + F1-F9 keys.